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Quality Matters Launch Live 12th July 2017 (London)



Quality Matters Launch Live 12th July 2017 (London)

Bright Dawn Home Care’s Junior Manager ‘ Samantha Greenwood’ was invited by the CQC events organiser to attend the ‘Quality Matters’ Live Launch. Samantha Greenwood attended with Office Manager Katy Brockington  The event was to launch a new initiative- “Quality matters”- that sets out a determined and shared vision on how quality care and support can be achieved and to ensure person-centred care becomes the norm for all.  “Quality Matters” has been jointly developed to ensure that staff, providers, commissioners and funders, regulators and other national bodies all play their part in listening to and acting upon the voice of people using services, their families and carers.


” The event was extremely interesting and informative- there was a panel of speakers including Andrea Sutcliffe (CQC’s Chief Inspector of Adult Social Care); Clenton Farquharson (Chair of Think Local Act Personal); support worker, John Read, and Stuart Rowles (on behalf of Learning Disability England); Jackie Doyle-Price (MP, Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Care and Mental Health); Heléna Herklots, (Chief Executive at Carers UK); Margaret Willcox (President of the Association of Directors of Adult Social Services- ADASS); and Sharon Allen (Chief Executive at Skills for Care) to name just a few.  They all talked about what quality means to them and how we could improve it.  The discussion was interactive, getting the audience involved with key pads where they could vote on how they felt.

Whilst I listened, I had taken over the @CQCProf account on Twitter and was giving my opinions on what people were saying, how I felt about the event, the way I was voting for certain questions, and also took pictures and videos of the event for those on Twitter to see.  I loved the event and the subject, it talked about how we must listen to those who use care services and hear their voice- because that is the only way to improve quality.  They truly did make it person-centred, as there were adults who had at some point, or continued to access social care services.  They put their thoughts forward about what we can do to help them.

Katy and I had a great day, and were so pleased to be a part of this prestigious event- plus the food there was great which is always a bonus!  They even had a celebratory cake at the end!”

(Written by Samantha Greenwood, Junior Care Manager)


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