personal care for medical conditionsWhat are personal care services? one of the biggest challenges that many of the people that we care for face is the issue of personal care. It’s something that is unique and comes in different forms to every single individual and affects people in many ways. We approach everyone that we care for in a bespoke way that is specific to their needs and feelings meaning that there is no single approach to personal care services.

Broadly speaking, a personal care service can be as simple as supporting a person with personal hygiene, assisting with dressing, going to the toilet and helping with their appearance. It can cover the most basic of requirements like cleaning teeth, helping to get dressed, help with shaving and applying make-up and bathing through to some more specific requirements that relate to treatment and medical conditions. Essentially it can be daily tasks that we perhaps take for granted but the people that we care for may struggle to carry out.

Alzheimers care SolihullOur service will always begin with an assessment of the needs of person we are caring for. Our vast experience of caring for people has shown us that everyone is different, not just from the point of view of their care requirements but more importantly the level of support they require. Personal care involves dealing with the most intimate of situations and our priority is always the comfort and feelings of the person we are working with. We believe it’s all about dignity and respect and whether it’s dementia or Alzheimer’s care, assisting with getting in or out of bed, medication help or enabling toilet assistance we take the feelings of our clients as the priority.

As with all of our services, we build this around the individual and it’s important to us, and our clients, that they are able to stay in their own home. We can provide a live in carer or a visiting carer but most importantly it’s all about what our clients want and what is best for them.

We know that personal care can be a very difficult subject to approach. It can involve some difficult decisions but we believe that working with our clients and their families and developing the best plan is a solution that we can find.

The key is to remember that you don’t have to be alone in supporting a family member or friend.  Our staff are vastly experienced in the care industry and can help you through the issues that you will come across, if you need advice and support call us on 01564 784 598 or get in contact today