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Our Carers

Solihull CarersOur carers put their clients at the heart of everything that they do.  We aim to deliver a caring service our standard is based on how we would want our loved ones to receive care and this is central to everything that we do.  Going into someone’s home is a very personal experience and our carer assistants are very mindful of how they treat and work with their clients ensuring as much normality and independence as possible whilst providing the best possible homecare is utmost on their list of priorities.

We feel that care is not just about looking after someone’s needs, it is also about building relationships.  Our care assistants are often seen as an extended part of the family, not just for the clients but for the clients’ family too.  We ensure that the care relationship is built on trust involving every member of the family in the decision making in the care provided.  Homecare is not just about elderly clients but also for adults and the elderly with specialist care needs too.   We ensure that our carer assistants are ready and appropriately trained for every situation and eventuality.  We believe that our care provision in Solihull borough is unrivalled and offers the best solution to those in need.  Providing care to people in their own homes is something that we are passionate about because it means that we can keep the disruption to a minimum by ensuring that each care assistant gets a consistent client or clients and spend sufficient time in each call to allow for quality care rather than quantity.

We ensure that all of our staff and carer assistants are trained to the absolute highest standards meaning that they can assess and deal with practically any care need and any situation.  Our care staff are the key to our business so we ensure that they are kept up to date on the latest and best care methods available.  That’s why we have some of the most dedicated, skilled and passionate staff in the industry.