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Multiple Sclerosis MS Care Solihull

Bright Dawn Home CareMultiple Sclerosis MS Care Solihull

Multiple Sclerosis MS Care in Solihull

MS is a disease that affects nerves in the brain. Myelin, a protein layer in the brain and spinal cord, protects the nerves and helps electrical signals from the brain travel to the rest of the body. In MS, myelin becomes damaged and disrupts the transfer of nerve signals causing a wide range of symptoms. MS is a life-long condition with a wide range of symptoms that very from person to person and day to day, this make it an unpredictable condition. Potential symptoms can include vision problems, balance problems, dizziness, muscle stiffness and uncontrolled muscle movements (spasm), difficulties with balance and co-ordination, feeling very tired during the day and bladder problems.

Understanding the pattern of your MS and its symptoms may help to identify when you may need to ask for help. These are the times when Bright Dawn Home Care can help by directing you to the appropriate support group such as MS Society. Our care plans are tailor-made to each individuals’ specific needs and regularly updated to account for any changes required.

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