Care Assistant Jobs SolihullSo what makes a good carer? When it comes to looking at the qualities of a good carer, there are several options to consider. Firstly there are the functional elements that should be considered such as qualifications and experience, there are the more empathetic elements such as the personality of the carer and the fit with the person they will be looking after and, perhaps most importantly, how the client feels about them.

We pride ourselves on only working with the best carers and our strict guidelines on who works for us means that our staff are the best that are available but the best judges are always our clients. We have ongoing training available so that our carers are continually up to date with all they need to deliver their service but we also look at the following from our carers to really connect with our clients.


This might sound really obvious but it is so important. If someone sees the role as ‘just a job’ then they may struggle to incorporate the caring aspect into their duties, it needs to be someone who genuinely loves the role that they do.


Being able to understand the Clients situation is a hugely important feature of a good carer. Your loved one’s situation may leave them confused or having to get used to new experiences and situations, a good carer does not have to have experienced these things personally but having an understanding of the situation they find themselves in is a very important skill. Connecting with their client can really make a difference.


Understanding that your loved one still needs to have their dignity is another huge part of a carer’s role. Treating their client with respect really helps with this and again, it’s very much about understanding who they are and treating them as a person in their own right. Just because the Client may struggle with certain things now, doesn’t mean that they weren’t a person in their own right before and this should be respected.


It can be a frustrating role, looking after someone. A good carer will understand this and have the patience to go with it. This is critical and they will need to be able to handle any situation that arises in a calm and timely manner. It can often be easier for someone other than a family member to exercise patience with a loved one and we always stress that a carer will need to show this.


Another obvious sounding trait but again very important. There will always be down days for everyone in these situations but if the carer can maintain a sunny demeanour and lift everyone around them then this can often be worth its weight in gold. In difficult situations with their client, a happy disposition can also help to elicit co-operation too.


Good carer observing behaviorWhen you care for and see someone every day, it’s easy to miss some of the subtle changes that may develop over time. Being observant is a key aspect of a carer’s role that could literally save a life. If a carer is able to notice any slight differences in their client’s appearance, habits or behaviour despite seeing them every day this would be a huge benefit in their daily care routine.

While some of these things may seem obvious, they are all things that really help to make a good carer. There are plenty of other traits that can contribute to this too but we’ve just listed some of the things that stand out to us. The most important thing is the fit between the carer and the client and it’s important to note that there is no definitive list of qualities of a good carer. Different people will get on with and look for different elements but we always ensure that everyone is happy with who they work with.

Please remember that you don’t have to be alone in supporting a family member or friend.  Our staff are vastly experienced carers offering different levels of support from daily care to live in care please Contact Us here or call the team on 01564 784 598 and we can provide the support and advice you need.

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