Solihull Care ProviderIt’s a common question that we get asked regarding the geese that we have in the logo for Bright Dawn Home Care.  Some people think that it’s just design that our graphic designer chose when coming up with the initial ideas but anyone that knows about geese and the type of animal that they are will understand the meaning behind it.

Very caring and working together

The use of the geese is very much deliberate as it actually represents what our business and our service is all about.  Geese by their very nature are very caring and work together to ensure that the entire group is always looked after.  If one of the flock is unwell or cannot function in any way, they all look after each other until they are back to full strength.  This is something that really struck a chord with us.  The idea that a team is only as strong as the weakest member makes working together, caring and looking after every part of the team so important to the functioning of ‘the whole’.

Our care services very much reflect this philosophy, looking after each other is hugely important and can be applied not only to the people that we care for but our own staff or ‘flock’ too.  We firmly believe that if our team is functioning at its best then our service will be provided to the best it possibly can too.

home care assistantEverything about the behaviour of geese can be related back to our service and why we do what we do.  For example, we’ve all seen the ‘V’ shape flying formation, that is in place because there is a greater flying range to be achieved by travelling that way than simply flying alone.  It means that greater distances and a greater range can be achieved by working together – exactly how we feel about our services.

If a goose gets sick or injured, then two geese will fall back and look after the sick goose until it’s well and able to fly properly again.  They will then all join back with the flock and carry on with their journey.  We love this caring approach with no soul left behind, looking after one goose makes everything function better in the long run.

Geese behaviour shows us a lot about coming together, caring for one another and empowering people to help one another.  These are all common themes that a care provider should be focusing on.

This philosophy is the backbone to what we do.  We care for people, often they could be considered to be amongst the most vulnerable in society but these people are still part of families and friendship groups.  They aren’t just people who need help they are the heads of families, fathers, mothers, grandparents, brother, sisters.  Without them, a family will suffer a huge loss or a change in direction so by doing all we can to care for and help them we are keeping their flocks going.  We understand this, which is why it’s not just a job to our carers.  It’s an important role in someone’s life.  It’s the difference between keeping in formation or losing direction.

Our staff are vastly experienced in the care industry, if you need advice and support you can call us on 01564 784 598 or get in contact here today