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Bringing John Home



Bringing John Home

Bright Dawn Home Care was approached by Leslie Tindal from the job center regarding her father John Milne who had recently suffered from 2 strokes, and was in a nursing home in Spain. John and his wife had been living in Spain for the past 10 years but due to John’s change in health his wife Moira has now returned to the UK to live with her daughters. John was ready to be discharged from the hospital in Spain and as he had nowhere to move too so had to go in to a nursing home. Leslie and her sister wanted to get John home to the UK but was not allowed to fly him as the doctors would not sign the fit to fly. After meeting with the family and ensuring that John was able to travel from Spain together with the son-in-law’s in an adapted luxury people carrier. Bright Dawn Home Care agreed that they would send 2 experienced staff members Amy Williams and Joanne Tustin to accompany them on a road trip through Spain and France to get John home.

Amy and Joanne arrived at the airport around 8.30am on Saturday 12th December and boarded their flight to Magaluf airport. Once landing a friend of Johns picked them up from the airport and drove them to the care home Plaza Residence Escoriza when John was currently being cared for. Once arriving at the nursing home Amy and Joanne were met by John’s 2 son-in-law’s, the nursing home transferred John on to the stretcher then with the help of the son-in-law’s loaded John securely in to the people carrier. John was a lovely man and very happy to be finally going back to the UK. The first evening they travelled to Hotel Restaurante La Casota in La Solana where they remained for the night. Amy and Joanne assisted John with all his personal care and transfers. On Sunday 13th December they set off early and travelled through many places in Spain such as, Miranda De Ebro, Burgos, Lerma, Aranda de Duero, Madrid and Eskoriatza City before reaching the French border. They then travelled through Guethary, Liposthey and Canejan before arriving at the Ibis in Saintes where they stayed the night. Although John found the journey tiring and uncomfortable at times he still had a smile on his face knowing he was going home to the UK and his family. The son in Laws stopped every 2 hours to change driver and took adequate breaks for meals and drinks. John was thrilled as his Son-in-laws had treated him to a McDonalds which he thoroughly enjoyed.

On Monday 14th December again Amy and Joanne got John ready and with the help of John’s son-in-laws transferred him in to the people carrier. John was in high spirits as always and found the last journey home more comfortable than the previous day. They travelled through Neuvy-Le-Roi, Rouesse, saint vincent du boulay, Rouen and Abbeville before arriving at the Euro tunnel in Calais. Once arriving in Folkestone they began their last car journey through Maidstone, Windsor, Oxford to their final stop in Birmingham. John was met by his family and was still smiling as he did the whole trip.

Overall it was a great trip with the help of John’s 2 son-in-law’s and Bright Dawn Home Care are happy they were able to assist with bringing John home to his family. Tracy (owner of Bright Dawn Home Care) would like to wish John and his family all the best for the future.