Bright Dawn Home Care was created in 2008 in Solihull. Tracy Ferreira, The Director, and Registered Care Manager of Bright Dawn Home Care, started the company wanting to provide a different kind of home care service, helping people to remain independent in their homes for as long as possible. Tracy believes home is where the heart is after struggling to find a good quality care home for her father.

Bright Dawn Home Care’s ethos is to provide the best quality and consistent care service to our clients, each and every day. We believe it’s not what we can do, it’s what you need us to do for you.

Bright Dawn Home Care

Geese are Bright Dawn Home Care’s emblem as their community and supportive nature embodies our ethos of working together for the common good of all those, we support on their care journey. Geese fly in a V formation and as each bird flaps its wings it creates an uplift for the bird following it. If the lead goose gets tired it will fall out of formation and fill in near the back, another goose will take its place at the lead.

Bright Dawn Home Care In Solihull Birthday

At Bright Dawn Home Care, we share a common direction and sense of community by working together to achieve our client’s goals and needs much quicker with shared synergy and vision.

Working together allows for a more efficient, safer care service which is more likely to achieve the goals of a quality service. We believe that looking after each other especially the sick or the lonely, we are able to support our clients to cope with hardships and the storms of life.

At Bright Dawn Home Care we are willing to assist families in the care of their loved ones, lightening
their load, ensuring that they can spend quality time together.

We will support our clients through their journey whether temporarily offering respite care or supporting someone to the end of their journey. We stand by each other.

We offer a variety of services including companionship, home help and personal care services, ranging from one hour a day to multiple visits, shopping calls, sit-in services, sleeping nights, waking nights and Live-in care services. Our flexible approach to care promotes and encourages independence. We tailor our service to you.

Tracy would like to thank the caring and hard-working Care Assistants at Bright Dawn and extends her gratitude to all the wonderful clients past and present.