Live in care vs a care homeSo what are the benefits of live in care vs a care home, from continuing to live in familiar surroundings to retaining a level of independence at home.

It’s always a difficult decision to make when the subject of care options comes up for a loved one.  There are the emotional decisions to be made, rational decisions and difficult choices that may be hard to make but for the best for everyone involved.  One of the initial choices to make is whether a loved one is better off moving into a care home or receiving the benefits of live in care.  Here we take a look at how live in care can offer so much more options and a positive experience for the person receiving care.

Familiar Surroundings

The prospect of moving home and entering new surroundings can be a disturbing experience for anyone but if someone is moving due to health or emotional needs then it can seem so much worse.  A care home can be a daunting prospect which is why live in care is such a viable option.  Most importantly it’s familiar surroundings so there is no upheaval.  It also means that treasured possessions, pets and all those home comforts stay with your loved one.  Familiarity of surroundings can be especially important in cases of dementia because it can make a huge difference to health and wellbeing.

Personal Care Service

Living in a care home means that the residents will see a variety of people, looking after their needs while they are on their shift.  Different people will be working at different times of the day and night meaning that the consistency of care that the residents need is not necessarily there.  Live in care with a personal carer contradicts this.  True friendships and relationships are formed between a live in carer and the person they are looking after and this can make a huge difference.

Staying Close

For those people that have family and friends close by, a move to a residential home could lead to them feeling cut off from loved ones.  A change of location could mean that visiting is not so easy and it may stop altogether.  Staying at home means the familiar routine can continue, friends and family can continue to visit.  Keeping families together in these circumstances can have an extremely positive effect on the mental wellbeing of everyone involved.

Cost of live in careRetain Independence

Living in a residential care home can have a huge impact on people’s independence.  Effectively, things are provided for the residents which can be a big help to every day life but there are some opinions that this can erode independence for the care receiver.  Remaining at home means that your loved one can continue to live and operate as they always have.  Even when they need assistance, it still allows them to do things in their own home with their own belongings, at their own pace.

Cost Elements

The cost of live in care can be quite comparable to a residential home.  The biggest benefit and difference is that it provides for a bespoke service – especially critical for unique of particular circumstances.  In addition, this level of service can make a huge difference to the mental wellbeing of the care receiver.

When it comes to care options for a loved one, the reality is that whatever suits the individual is the right choice to make.  However, ensuring the care receiver is in the most comfortable situation is paramount.  There are many studies that show that for as long as possible, if a care receiver can retain their independence for as long as possible then there are a multitude of benefits.  This is why we believe in live in care so much.  For more details on our carers or our live in care services contact us now.