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What are the stages of Dementia?

So what are the stages of Dementia, being able to have a better understanding of the stages of dementia can be beneficial in caring for and supporting a family member or friend to live well with Dementia. The effects of Dementia can have an impact on the lives of everyone on the Dementia Journey, including,

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What Makes A Good Carer?

So what makes a good carer? When it comes to looking at the qualities of a good carer, there are several options to consider. Firstly there are the functional elements that should be considered such as qualifications and experience, there are the more empathetic elements such as the personality of the carer and the fit with

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Helping loved ones with no appetite to eat

Helping loved ones with no appetite to eat is one of the most difficult, and often frustrating, things that we have to do when caring for loved ones is getting them to eat regularly.  It can be difficult because it’s sometimes challenging to make someone do something that they are unwilling to do, and frustrating

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Ways to help the elderly stay connected

It is more important than ever to find ways to help the elderly stay connected, not just with the current situation but also in the future. It’s certainly the most unprecedented of times for everybody while the Coronavirus pandemic takes hold for people across the world.  While it is a new and extremely unusual situation,

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What are personal care services?

What are personal care services? one of the biggest challenges that many of the people that we care for face is the issue of personal care. It’s something that is unique and comes in different forms to every single individual and affects people in many ways. We approach everyone that we care for in a

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The benefits of live in care vs a care home

So what are the benefits of live in care vs a care home, from continuing to live in familiar surroundings to retaining a level of independence at home. It’s always a difficult decision to make when the subject of care options comes up for a loved one.  There are the emotional decisions to be made,

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Looking after the elderly at Christmas

Winter and, in particular, Christmas time can be a really important time for elderly people for lots of reasons. It could be physical health issues but also mental health issues come to the fore at this time of year. It’s easy to caught up in the frenetic time and think too much about presents and

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What is a home help provider?

What is a home help provider? Sometimes it’s easy to think you know what a particular job or role is by preconceptions or looking at job title and making an assumption.  The chances are that most people have an idea of what a home help provider does but probably don’t know the full extent of

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